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Report Authored by Tony Rainbird

As usual Don gave a very interesting talk on “modern beekeeping”.  Some said that there was very little “modern” in his chat, but Don did identify that since beekeeping started very little has changed, perhaps just some of the equipment and of course the diseases. 

The bees have been doing their own thing long before the keeping of bees became popular. Perhaps “keeping” is the wrong word, maybe it should be “management” of bees and for some the attempts they make at managing..! 

Don showed some interesting slides of his earlier years when his hobby turned into a job and worked at Buckfast Abbey, which to some is considered a centre of excellence.  Don even showed a slide of himself when his dark hair covered the whole of his head!  Although Don retired a good few years ago he is still a major beekeeper and as a Life Member of our Group it is always a pleasure to hear him speak.

Don’s talk was followed by our annual BBQ to which our thanks go to master chef himself Mike Learner and Sally and her team for bringing it all together.  It was great to see so many members numbering over 35 and most brought a guest to the day.

(Photo’s courtesy of Don’s Wife)

Talk and Annual BBQ  19/07/2014